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Curry Laksa

Being a true blue Johorean at heart & in taste buds, whenever I choose to cook noodles at home, I almost always cook either Laksa Johore, Mee Rebus or Mee Kari. The home-made version, are not so easily available outside. And even if they are, it rarely tastes like the ones we make at home. However, when I eat out, I love the lighter version restaurant-style Curry Laksa. This recipe is the Curry Laksa commonly served when we eat at restaurants or hawkers.

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Gulai Ikan Tongkol (Tuna Curry)

You couldn't possibly eat Nasi Dagang with anything but Gulai Ikan Tongkol. Due to its firm meat, cooking this fish requires stronger flavoured roots & spices to enable it to penetrate the meat. The result is a strong but flavourful gravy that coats this fish which is the only acceptable dish to enjoy with Nasi Dagang.

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