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Tok Mak's Fried Bananas

My grandmother used to make the batter for Fried Bananas using very basic, simple ingredients. The main being rice flour, which resulted in a lovely crunchy batter while it is hot. Being a traditionalist at heart and a passion for upholding simplistic recipes using unprocessed ingredients as they did during my grandmother's generation, I share with you my Tok Mak's recipe.

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Ultra Crunchy Fried Mushrooms

Over the years, the recipes for the batter that coats fried bananas have evolved with the introduction of new ingredients discovered to add lasting crunchiness to the batter. New deep -fried ideas came about to create greater varieties giving us bigger options. This deep Fried Mushroom is the latest trend, combined with the latest long-lasting ultra crunchy batter to coat it!

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