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Mee Bandung Muar

Out of all the noodle family, I have a soft spot for Mee Bandung. The tomato base with a hint of chilli 'hotness' & a distinct but not overpowering prawn-based gravy somehow brings out such a vibrant flavour to this dish. The highlight is, of course, the poached egg in the gravy & the secret ingredient of coarsely ground peanuts - could only make this dish even more spectacular.

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Mee Rebus Johor Mak Long

Whenever my aunty Mak Long visits, she often disappears into our kitchen & emerges with all sorts of local kuihs & wonderful traditional dishes which amazes me. What makes Mak Long so special is her generosity in sharing her recipes with me, her soft-spoken & gentle demure. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life. This Mee Rebus Johor is one of the many recipes she shared with me.

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