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Chicken Rice Porridge

There are times when I feel like I've had too much of everything. I just badly need something simple, healthy & wholesome, and I almost always resort to boiling some rice porridge with the goodness of chicken bones and grated carrots. My favourite touch to the bubur is to sprinkle fresh green peppercorns from my garden. It gave a tangy, pungent, fresh peppery taste. Gorgeous!

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Bubur Asyura

During the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram, Muslims cook Bubur Ashura to commemorate this time of the year when people in a town in the middle east was suffering from famine one thousand four hundred years ago. Our Prophet went from house to house collecting whatever food people had in their homes, put everything in a large pot and cooked it all together, giving birth to Bubur Ashura. This porridge is primarily made of seeds and beans. I share with you my mother’s version, which I undoubtedly find delicious beyond imagination!

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