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Sambal Tumis Telur Puyuh

Sambal Tumis is the most versatile dish I know. You can cook it with quail eggs, ikan bilis, chicken eggs, squid, prawns, chicken, beef or anything actually. You add lemongrass & galangal and it's suddenly called Terutup! Remove the sugar, and it's Asam Pedas! A truly magical dish using very few ingredients. You can have it with white rice, Nasi Lemak, dip bread or cream crackers in it - everything goes with the Sambal Tumis!

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Sambal Tumis Kerang Teluk Chempedak

I remember eating the most delicious Sambal Tumis Kerang on the beach of Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan. A humongous hundred-year-old tree hung above tables packed with people enjoying divine Nasi Lemak for breakfast with white sands of the beach as flooring. The whole environment plus the morning sea breeze added on to the flavour of the Nasi Lemak that we had. This is my recreation of the Sambal Tumis Kerang Teluk Chempedak.

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