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Black Pepper Sauce

There are so many recipes and so many ways to cook Black Pepper Sauce, but this is my personal favourite. I especially love the use of the cream that makes it exceptionally rich which is such a wonderful contrast to the sharp taste of black pepper. The coarsely crushed black pepper is also according to my love of rustic textures. If you prefer a smooth sauce with strong peppery taste, please feel free to use finely ground black pepper.

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Spicy Tomato Chicken

However young we were and however forgetful we get now. We never seem to be able to forget the wonderful memories we hold dear, especially when it comes to food experiences. I remember how Mum used to cook this Tomato Chicken for us. As our taste buds got accustomed to a spicier version, I realised mum added chilli paste to this dish. So today is the first day of school for my two younger kids, I've prepared the same Spicy Tomato Chicken mum used to make!

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