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Kicap Ayam Tomato

As a kid, I have always loved my mum's Kicap Ayam. I remember so clearly desiring it very much when I studied overseas, but not knowing the exact recipe, and I was so miserable that I experimented on several versions, trying the get the exact taste of mum's Chicken in Soy Sauce. At that point, I made a decision never to take anything for granted again. This version of Kicap Ayam using tomatoes was my favourite when we were little.

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Liver in Thick Soy Sauce

I was faced with a large piece of liver from the Hari Raya Haji and spent quite some minutes trying to figure out how to cook it so my kids would appreciate eating it. So, I boiled, sliced, pan-fried and cooked it in soy sauce & some spices for lunch. I'm not sure if my kids will enjoy it, but I must say it tastes surprisingly good and I know Din would!

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